Paul Coutcher


I am just like many of you I love the outdoors I love to hunt, fish camp, and I also enjoy coaching youth soccer.  When I am not working I also serve as a Firefighter in my community.  My biggest accomplishment is not the biggest deer on the wall it is raising two wonderful girls with my wife and teaching them to love the outdoors and how to hunt and fish.

Patricia Coutcher


I would like to introduce myself and share about my hunting experience. I have been married to Paul for 15 years and we have 2 daughters. I work full time, and a busy mom with our daughters school and sports schedules. I enjoy being outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, etc.  I have been hunting for the past 3 years in multiple states where I hunt whitetail deer, duck, goose, and pheasant hunting. My husband Paul Coutcher introduced me to hunting and has been a great mentor and hunted almost everything most of his life. We enjoy teaching both our daughters about hunting and fishing every chance we get.

Addison  Coutcher

Production Manager

For her young age this girl has it down her second shot ever with a bow was a bulls eye.  She loves helping out at home and when it came to bagging products for the company she nailed it.  This little girl knows everything about our production process and runs the show.  She has a very bright future and cant wait to get back into the woods.

Kevin & Peggy Moses


Pro Staff

Kevin started out at the age of 10 following coonhounds.  Through his teenage years he trapped, and hunted small game. He then started Bow hunting in 1985, and hasn't stopped since. Through the years he has also added Turkey, and Waterfowl to his addiction. He is also married to Peggy, and a proud have 7 kids, and a proud grandparent of 7 grandkids with #8 on the way.

Peggy had never hunted anything in her life until the fall of 2010 at the age of 47. She started with Waterfowl, and she got her first bow in 2011. That first year, she didn't kill a deer, but in her second year, she killed her first Doe. Since then she has 9 Ohio Kills to her credit. In 2018 she killed her first Turkey.


Chris Mulholland



Chris is from Southwest Missouri. My wife and I will be married for 12 years and we have 2 boys ( 12 and 17).  We all enjoy spending time camping and hunting as a family. I love Deer and Turkey hunting, fishing and anything outdoors. I enjoy meeting new hunters and talking hunting. I joined the Buck Tracks team to help company grow and help hunters here in Missouri to grow healthy deer population on their land.

Matt Gregory


Pro Staff

Matt is 39 years old  and has been hunting since he was 8. Started out with my dad raccoon hunting we had grand night champion walker coon hounds. My brothers and i have hunted/trapped animals  such as  raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, deer, turkey, bear, mink, coyote, wild Russian razor back boar. We have plans to go out west for elk and caribou. My most memorable hunt was the day i shot my 9 point buck on my birthday. I have the privilege of sharing the woods with my wife and soon my son. One of my favorite  things to do is preparing for the next hunting season. Watching all the hard work to prepare pay off when that shooter buck comes walking in.

Jayne Gregory


Field Staff

Jayne is 32 years old. This is my first year actually conducting my own hunt. For three years I have been behind the scenes for my husband Matt. I love the outdoors, animals and the feeling of nature. I have found that there is such a peace while sitting in the woods waiting for god's creatures to come in, then the rush of adrenalin starts pumping, there's nothing like it! In my spare time I am studying to get my Associates in Dental Hygiene and I am the mother of one amazing two year old future hunter.

L.C. Jernigan


PRO Staff

Lee was an avid hunter and guide until he changed his choice of weapon to the camera. Since then, people have been able to enjoy the scenes he witnessed while traveling in the wild. L.C. knows that by sharing these images others can experience the beauty that normally only hunters get to observe.

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