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Seductive Doe synthetic

Seductive Doe synthetic

Seductive Doe Synthetic is the realest Synthetic Doe Estrus available, it is so close to natural doe in estrus the hunter nor the buck can tell the difference.  Heated Doe, Doe in Heat or Doe In Estrus are all the same term. Estrus specifically is the period of time when the Whitetail Doe Deer is ready to mate. This period occurs during the rut. Seductive Doe Synthetic is a master crafted blend to mimic Doe In Estrus urine. Note this scent does not contain any traces from a deer but was synthetic engineered.

Seductive Doe Synthetic | Synthetic Doe Estrus Urine:

  • Premium 2 fluid once of Synthetic Doe Estrus Scent Blend
  • Premium Tinted Green Glass Bottle
  • Large Fine Mist Sprayer
  • Seductive Doe Synthetic contains no components from a deer
  • No Unnecessary or Cutting Agent Additives
  • Attracts rutting bucks
  • Use during Rut
  • Best results when using the Heated Scent Dispenser

Simply put Seductive Doe Synthetic cannot be beat during the heat of the rut.  Using a Heated Doe In Estrus Synthetic Scent in the Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser is nearly impossible for any buck to pass up.  If you want to increase your odds while hunting; Heated Hunts has the answers. #BuckDown

Hunting Application:

The hunter can simply fill 1 fluid ounce of the Synthetic Doe In Estrus Scent into their Heated Hunts Heated Scent Dispenser.  The hunter can spray the Seductive Doe Synthetic downwind behind them while walking towards their stand. Note pay attention to the wind.  Do not spray Seductive Doe Synthetic Estrus on you, your gear or within 15 yards of your stand. Seductive Doe Synthetic is a great buck scent that pairs great with doe bleats, grunting and rattling. Note Rattling works best in a higher buck to doe ratio areas. Rattling is consider more effective when used with Heated Hunts Brute Buck Natural or Brute Buck Synthetic.

Seductive Doe is a Premium Synthetic Doe Estrus Scent that is great for attracting mature whitetail buck deer. Note Heated Hunts Synthetic Scents do not spoil.

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State Outlaws Natural Urine

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