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Horn Honey 5#

Horn Honey 5#

Brier Ridge Horn Honey food plot mix is specially formulated with high quality clovers and chicory that will be sure to bring in the does and BUCKS! With proper planting and maintenance, this mixture will last for years. Foundation for any quality deer management plan.

  • Spring/fall planted perennial mix offering year-round food source
  • Performs well on medium to heavy soil types in light shade to full sun
  • Contains various high energy legumes that will strive in various geographical locations
  • Chicory will thrive during hot & dry summer months

Life Cycle: Perennial
Soil Type: Lt. Loam to Clay
Germination: 7-10 days
Establishment: 6-8 weeks
Bag Size: 10 lbs.; 5 lbs.


Seed Rate: 10 lbs./acre

Timing: Recommended planting windows for this and other food plot products.

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