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High octane Lab Verified Doe Estrus

High octane Lab Verified Doe Estrus

High Octane Doe Estrus Urine by Heated Hunts is Lab Verified that the Doe was in heat which makes it true Doe in Estrus Urine. High Octane Doe Estrus Urine is collected in small quantities and sent to a lab to verify estrogen levels. Heated Hunts ensures High Octane contains estrus and in fact higher estrogen levels.

Heated Hunts approach to urine scents are simple:

  • Cleaner Collections
  • Correct Filtration
  • Lock in Freshness by using Glass Bottles
  • Tinted Glass to block UV Light
  • Large Mister to limit Oxygen Exposure

High Octane | Lab Verified Doe Estrus Urine:

  • Premium 2 fluid once of Pure High Octane Lab Verified Doe Estrus, Doe In Heat Urine
  • Collected in Small Batch to Ensure the Highest Estrogen Levels
  • Premium Tinted Green Glass Bottle to Store Freshness
  • Large Fine Mist Sprayert
  • 99% sediment free 100% fresh Doe In Estrus Urine Makes the Difference
  • No Unnecessary or Cutting Agent Additives
  • Attracts rutting bucks
  • Use during Rut
  • Best results when using the Heated Scent Dispenser

When a hunter purchases doe estrus there was never a way to verify if the urine truly contained estrogen from the estrus cycle until Now! A hunter often complained that a certain doe estrus worked one year but not the next or even bottle to bottle. The reason is lack of consistency from bottle to bottle. Heated Hunts guarantees the consistency from a bottle of High Octane to the next bottle of High Octane.

A standard bottle of doe estrus urine available in the hunting market is typically a urine collection during the rut cycle. A doe is typically is in peak mating for only 24 hours. Heated Hunts High Octane Lab Verified Estrogen Level Doe Estrus is collected during the 24 hour peak. The Estrus is then verified by a lab that the estrogen levels indicate the peak collection. Just because urine is collected during peak rut doesn’t mean estrogen is in the bottle until now.

 Hunting Application:

The hunter can simply fill 1 fluid ounce of Lab Verified Estrogen Doe Estrus, High Octane Natural,  into their Heated Hunts Heated Scent Dispenser.  The hunter can spray this High Octane down wind behind them while walking into their stand. Pay attention to the wind while approaching your stand.  Do not spray High Octane Natural within 15 yards of your stand. High Octane Natural, a Lab Verified Estrogen Doe Estrus, is a great buck attractant scent that pairs great with doe bleats, grunting and rattling. Note Rattling works best in a higher buck to doe ratio area. The more estrus scents the better is a good rule during the peak of the rut as a buck will be on his feet with his nose in the air.

Simply put High Octane, Lab Verified Estrogen Doe Estrus, cannot be beat during the heat of the rut.  Using a Lab Verified Estrogen Doe Estrus Natural Scent in the Heated Hunting Scent Dispenser is nearly impossible for any buck to pass up.  If you want to increase your odds while deer hunting; Heated Hunts has the answers. #BuckDown

Do not store any in direct sunlight and keep cool. High Octane Natural holds its freshness best if refrigerated  but not necessary for short term cool storage. *No Unnecessary or Cutting Agent Additives**

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Doe Estrus | 24 Hour Peak Mating

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