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Deer Country Point Builder Pus Mix 25#

Deer Country Point Builder Pus Mix 25#

Brier Ridge Deer Country Point Builder Plus food plot mix is an excellent choice for plot along wood lines or open areas. Point Builder Plus offers rapeseed as a fall annual but is full of high quality perennial clovers, a high sugar perennial ryegrass blend and chicory. The perennials provide a luscious plot for following years when managed correctly.

  • Spring/fall planted perennial mix offering year-round food source
  • Performs well on medium to heavy soil types in light shade to full sun
  • Contains grasses with higher sugar content & higher energy legumes

Life Cycle: Perennial
Bag Size: 25 lbs.


Seed Rate:
15 lbs./acre (drilled)
20-25 lbs./acre (broadcast)

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