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Autumn Energy 25#

Autumn Energy 25#

Brier Ridge Autumn Energy food plot mix is a mix of PlotSpike® Oats, purple top turnips and Soil First® Select Daikon Radish. Plant 6-8 weeks prior to killing frost. Allows for forage in late fall/early winter. After hard frost in fall, sugars will flush the vegetative growth of the turnips and radish for succulent forage. PlotSpike® Oats grow quickly, providing leafy forage browsing from early fall into cooler temps due to their winter hardiness.

  • Early fall planted annual species offering early/late fall food source
  • Performs well on light to heavy soil types in light shade to full sun
  • Portion of mix will remain green until air temps reach 10-15 degrees F
  • Optimally planted 6-8 weeks prior to killing frost

Life Cycle: Annual
Bag Size: 25 lbs.


Seed Rate: 40-50 lbs./acre (broadcast)

Timing: Recommended planting windows for this and other food plot products are available

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