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Gunnar Gregory


His first hunt was when he was 3 sitting with his daddy Matt Gregory in a ground blind.

Gunnar deer and turkey hunts every chance he gets.

He loves checking trail cameras, feeding the deer, looking for sheds.

He helps with planting food plots and doing prep work to our tree stands/ ground blinds and scouting the land, He loves riding his four wheeler and monster trucks.

Abigail Coutcher


Abby is not just a hunter but also a great fishermen, she spends most of her time on a soccer field which is her passion and hopes one day to play in the world cup.  Abby was able to harvest her first buck on the first day of the 2020 bow season. She did get a doe in ky but it went off the side of a mountain and was not able to be recovered.  

Addison Coutcher


Addison loves to hunt with her dad Pro staffer Paul Coutcher, soccer, track n field.

Daniel Myers


Daniel is a sophomore in high school his hobbies include playing baseball, hanging out with friends, go kart racing, fishing, and hunting.

Things that can help people get in hunting is to take them out and show them what it is like and how relaxing it is and can just enjoy nature.

Some of my accomplishments are I have gotten 4 deer through 9 years.

J.P. Gregory


J.P. is 16 years old and has been hunting, and fishing for a few years now. He has 2 harvests to date. He harvested his first buck in the fall of 2020. He likes the outdoors and he bowls. Hunting and fishing is his main things to do during season. He also likes to ride four wheelers and snowmobiles.

Carter Poulton


Carter has been hunting since he was 7 and he's now 16. His dream hunt is going to Colorado elk hunting. He plays football, and baseball. Carter works on a farm and for a landscaping service

Charlie Porter


Been hunting since I was 6 and I'm 15 now. My dream hunt is to go on a Idaho Elk hunt. I wrestle and work for a tree service in the warm weather.

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